This course, although similar to our 3-day River/Swamp Wilderness Survival Excursion course in its environment, is much different in application. During this 7 Day/6 Night course you will cover nearly 200 river miles by canoe and live from the boat. All food and water will come from nature with a full examination of the realities of daily dietary requirements and nutritional values of food procured. This is a full 7 day journey without modern conveniences while living with nature.

The purpose of this course is to isolate yourself from the modern hamster wheel of hectic daily schedules and stressors, and reconnect with the natural world and its rhythms and to understand the realities of “living from the land”. You will receive education,training and study throughout this course relating to self reliance in this modern age,wilderness topics such as survival and resource gathering and use, as well as navigation, understanding waterway tributaries and game/wildlife tracking.

Course is limited to 1 or 2 adults only. The purpose of this course is also to provide peace while in nature. Cost is $695. 25% nonrefundable deposit required.

Basic items needed are a small fishing kit, backpack and assorted bushcraft gear(knife,etc),compass, small game hunting weapon/license,etc.

Register by contacting us directly and for exact gear list. Contact us with any questions. Additional dates for this course or personalized scheduling may be available. Contact us for more information.