This course is where the rubber meets the road and reality reveals itself. This is not a TV show or a primitive skills/bushcraft festival. Open to 3 students only. This is the course to challenge yourself and examine sustainability from a “hands-on” realistic perspective.
This course is a 90 day true wilderness living experience. No cellphones, no trips to town, no outside supplies or food. Complete immersion. You will have access to several hundred acres on foot with several thousand acres of additional nearby land for day hunts and resource gathering, as well as a river and small boat and/or canoe. You will stay in a central primitive basecamp area which will be stocked with firewood that you will have to process for use daily.
There will be excursions lasting several days, multiple times throughout this course, where you will live and operate out of your pack or with nothing. Students will also receive modified versions of our schools entire outdoors related curriculum that will be spaced accordingly to allow for proper daily subsistence endeavors, as well as a wilderness first aid certification and wilderness medical trauma training. We will also discuss, research and study dietary needs, nutritional values and practicality of obtaining wild edibles and other food sources in differing scenarios.You will operate with a maximum 30lb pack weight and be allowed one small game weapon, one small fishing kit, one large game weapon, two modern traps and necessary bushcraft gear that is listed on our website course descriptions. Students will need to possess valid Tennessee hunting/fishing licenses.

This is not a campout. This is true minimalist woodland living and studies of the self reliant lifestyle in our modern age. Your success lies within your own abilities and knowledge as well as the environment that awaits. We provide this opportunity at our school and will be available to you as needed 24/7.

There will be no trips to town and no cellphones outside of once weekly scheduled family calls or emergencies. You will bathe in the creeks/river, cook and preserve food using only primitive/frontiersman methods and procure water for treatment from nature. This is your opportunity to test yourself and learn as you go. If you cannot become sustainable in the Eastern Woodlands with its abundant resources you likely will be unable to do so anywhere.

Cost is $4250. 25% non refundable deposit required. We reserve the right to send you home if it becomes necessary for your health or safety. Periodic evaluations will be conducted. Contact us directly to register at least 30 days prior or with any questions.