We provide the best concealed carry classes in West TN and all of  the South East. This class is for ladies only. The goal for this class is to help women to become comfortable with their weapons in a defensive situation. In this class we will cover defensive mindset and conditioning yourself to use deadly force. We will talk in depth about safety. This concealed carry class is designed to teach women in the Jackson TN area how to defend themselves from would be attackers.

Once the classroom portion is complete we will head out on the range for the rest of the day. On the range we will work on drawing our pistols from concealment and making well placed shots on the target. We will also be shooting from different positions and working through different scenarios. We will talk about cover and concealment and what the differences are and we will practice shooting from behind cover.
Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable with your pistol but also to be effective with it. If you have any questions about the class, please feel free to give us a call. Below you will see a list of what you will need to bring to class when you come. 

Please bring the following when you come:
  • A pistol chambered in .25 or higher.
  • 150 rounds for pistol
  • 2 magazines or speed loaders for revolver shooters
  • A holster with retention that is made to fit your pistol. If you carry your pistol in your purse, please bring it.  .
  •  Eye and Ear protection
  •  Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.


Please contact us to schedule your personal or group class.