Crystal’s family moved to Tennessee from North Carolina in 1830 due to a land grant for settlers. The 549 acre property was divided between 4 sons. Crystal spent the first 5 years of her life living in a home that was over 100 years old. Crystal’s father was from West Virginia and come from a coal mining family.
When Crystal was a child, her parents worked diligently building a log cabin on the homestead from trees cut by her father from the very same land that her family had originated from many years ago. This cabin is where Crystal lived until she was 22 years old. No central heating or air and very few modern conveniences, but indeed a high quality of life.
During her upbringing Crystal helped raise beef, pork, and poultry. Her family slaughtered, processed and packaged all of the above as part of a subsistence lifetsyle. Crystal spent spring times helping with beef and in the fall and early winter processing pork. Out of a handbuilt smokehouse she helped salt cure ham, helped her mom make lard, seasoned and ground their own sausage, etc. As part of her lifetsyle the family would also slaughter and process chickens as part of the subsistence living endeavors. During the summer Crystal helped her mother in the garden, and at harvest time their days were spent prepping, canning and freezing vegetables that would provide food supplies during the winter.
Crystal is also an avid horseback rider and never misses an opportunity to saddle up her horse and hit the trail for hours at a time. 40 years later Crystal still lives on that same farm, and her father still lives in the same cabin. As an adult Crystal and her husband raise grass fed beef. Crystal attended Mississippi State University and was certified in cattle artificial insemination as part of this process. Along with the cattle, she also researched and raised GMO free chickens and marketed GMO free eggs. Eventually she started growing GMO free vegetables to provide nourishment to her family just as her mother had done for her.
Along with her love for nature and “good living”, she took on another passion, Emergency services. Crystal has been in EMS since 2009. During that time she has been a member of the rescue squad, has worked at several different local services, completed multiple FEMA courses, CPR certified, previously certified in PALS, PEARS, and vehicle extrication. Crystal was also a member of the Tennessee Ambulance Strike Team from 2010-2019. She also completes multiple pediatric trainings yearly including SIDS. Crystal is serving 2 years as a Governor appointed Advisory Council Member for the Tennessee Suicide prevention. She is also a QPR instructor and teaches warning signs of suicide, and is a volunteer event coordinator and spearheaded the No One Stands Alone Music Festival bringing awareness to PTSD in emergency services roles.


Over a Decade In Public Service/EMS
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – AEMT

National Association for Search and Rescue – Wilderness EMT

Tennessee Ambulance Strike Team

Pediatric Emergency Assessment,Recognition, and Stabilization – PEARS


Vehicle Extrication

Rescue Squad

Certified Clinical Hemodyalisis Technician – CCHT


Veterinary Technician

Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network Advisory Council

Question Persuade Refer – QPR Instructor – Suicide Warning Signs

Mississippi State University

American Safety and Health Institute

Wilderness Medical Instructor – Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness EMT Upgrade, Wilderness First Responder

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – Active Shooter

Medical Instructor- Bloodborne Pathogens,CPR/AED/FIRST AID,Emergency Oxygen, CABS, Pediatric CPR/AED/FIRST AID, CPR Pro, Advanced First Aid, Emergency Medical Response, ACLS/PALS,