This will be a full day packed full of knowledge,skills and exercises for any public service agency, public servant engaged in ground search and rescue initiatives or active Search/Rescue Squad personnel. FREE!!!

The purpose of this course is to build a solid skill set for responding personnel during woodland operations, whether search and rescue or fugitive apprehension.

We will pack a full day of Mantracking and Land Navigation together in one class to help provide a type of training and skill level not typically available in normal training routines or even at most specialized events. We will discus SAR packs as well as proper response procedures to missing persons incidents, We will also include a brief tutorial on counter tracking methods/awareness for tactical trackers.

You will need a water bottle, lunch, good quality footwear and a desire to learn. Water will be provided. A baseplate/orienteering style compass or military style lensatic compass and a small tape measure is also needed. Contact us to register. Class size is very limited. Agency letterhead is all that is needed to attend.