This is a one day course that will focus on the processing and preservation of homestead animals, wild game and fish using both primitive and modern methods. We will also render tallow(fat),make pemmican,candles and hide/tendon glue as well as flesh and brain tan hides. This class is for anyone interested. From new homesteaders and hunters, to a complete novice or even a skilled individual who would like to learn primitive preservation methods.

You will break down each type of animal from start to finish and also prepare hides for future preservation and use. You will also use primitive methods including smoke and salt,etc to preserve meat during the course of the day. The killing of some of our domesticated homestead provided animals is likely in this class. We insist that all lives taken are fully consumed or preserved for future use and will ensure this happens as a matter of respect and subsistence.

We go beyond normal style processing and break the animal down even further for ability to use sinew,bone,bone marrow, tongues, brains, eyes, internal organs, etc for those who wish to learn these methods related to true wilderness subsistence. We will be eating and sampling different things during this class as well although it is not mandatory.

This class requires 5 students. This is an outdoors class. Dress for the weather. Please contact us directly to register. $175