The SARTECH II certification is for SAR personnel operating as a field searcher in the wilderness environment. The NASAR course that prepares the candidate to take the SARTECH II examination is Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR).

The SARTECH II examination consists of a written exam and a practical exam. The written exam is now taken online and covers the candidate’s knowledge of search and rescue. A passing grade is 80% or above.

The candidate is also required to successfully complete a multi-station practical exam. Should the candidate not successfully complete all of the practical exam stations, only the stations that are failed need be repeated if this is done within one year of the original testing date.

The SARTECH program is an evaluation process, not a learning process. Candidates demonstrate basic SAR competency through written tests and practical skill demonstrations of search and rescue skills. 

Prerequisites: Candidates should review the appropriate SARTECH position task book for prerequisites. They must have a compass for the written exam and all the required equipment for the practical exam.

Registration: To register for the SARTECH II program please email or text me. I will then purchase coupons for the students to use in advance of the course.

NEW PROCESS: Once you receive your coupon, you must go online at There they will accept the liability waiver and then they will download the SARTECH II PTB. The student signs up for one of your examination opportunities. In the meantime, they can have any NASAR evaluator or lead evaluator sign off on the prerequisites in the PTB (like current CPR card, ICS 100, etc). Once a NASAR evaluator signs off on their practical testing, the candidate uploads it to the website where they can then take the online written test. 

Once the candidate successfully completes the test (passing is 80%), they will be able to download and print their SARTECH II certificate.

The practical exams have seen the most change. NASAR proposes eliminating ropes and knots (now part of the online test), and have added a night navigation station, shelter building station and fire starting station. 

Contact us today to discuss your agency or personal needs and for scholarships and group discounts. This course is available at YOUR location and compatible with your training schedule needs.