This course is designed for anyone who has had prior handgun and/or personal defense training. From private citizens to Law enforcement, security, and corrections alike, this class is open to all. This is a hands on physical class that occurs mostly outdoors. This class combines fighting pistol tactics with personal self defense as well as couples them with proven street level tactical methods and real world experience. You will get dirty, you will be tired and you will feel the experience into the next day or beyond.

We will cover pressure point control tactics, strikes,holds and pain compliance techniques on actual trainers/students. We will also cover grappling with ground based control methods, weapon retention from numerous positions, disarming techniques, defense against edged weapons, use of cover and concealment with transition drills, speed and accuracy under stress, weak hand shooting, one hand malfunction clearing drills and reloading, as well as developing a defensive and aggressive survival mindset with situational awareness.

This course will develop a solid street level defensive combat platform enabling you to better protect you and your loved ones as a legally armed individual. It will also enhance your safety and daily employment performance capabilities as a public servant.

Please bring carry weapon, 150-200 rounds of ammunition, holster with at least level 1 retention, ear protection, snacks/drinks and change of clothing if desired. We will train rain or shine. We will spend most of the day on the range and hands-on. We understand that physical attacks and gunfights do not necessarily occur indoors and in good weather. We will train for that reality. Classroom time will be limited. Breaks will be given.

Contact us directly to register or with any questions. Cost is $250. Class limited to 5 students. 6-8 hours. 3 student minimum.