This course will focus on the use and manipulation of handheld and weapon mounted light systems in low light/no light situations. This course is open to the lawfully armed citizen seeking to be better prepared for home or personal defense as well as law enforcement, correctional CERT/TAC units and security officers.
Students will be required to use and understand proper tactical light techniques for differing engagement scenarios. Students will be required to operate safely during standard range drills, movement drills, around vehicles, cover and concealment, tactical barricades, varied body positioning, from the ground, and with a partner.
Please bring:
1. Handgun with retention holster and 3 magazines
2. Eye/ear protection
3. Pen/pencil/notepad
4. 150 rounds of ammunition
5. Handheld tactical flashlight
6. Any weapon mounted light systems
7. Carbine and 50 rounds of ammunition if desired
8. Shotgun and 25 rounds of ammunition if desired
9. Any drinks/snacks desired
10. Standard duty gear for employment use if applicable

Class is limited to 5. Cost is $175. Group discount.