This course is designed to teach fighting tactics based around motor vehicles as well as strategic mindset as it relates to your daily defensive preparedness. Students should have had prior training before registering consisting of a minimum of basic pistol training or a handgun carry permit course or similar carbine/shotgun training.

We will train and operate from inside of motor vehicles, outside of motor vehicles, underneath motor vehicles, beside motor vehicles, behind and in front of motor vehicles, on top of motor vehicles, approaching and retreating from motor vehicles and more. This course will be physically active and demanding.

We will cover situational awareness, cover and concealment, vehicle strong and weak defensive points, vehicle bullet penetration, preferred carry methods inside a motor vehicle, engagement tactics from various positions, vehicle positioning in daily traffic situations, tactically engaging and defending yourself from attacks with a vehicle, etc.

Please bring carry weapon and holster, 200-250 rounds of ammunition, ear protection and snacks/drinks. Carbines and shotguns welcome. Bring adequate ammunition. Breaks will be given. May also bring a clothing change if desired as we will be operating off of the ground at times. We will train rain or shine, warm or cold.

Please contact us directly to register.
Cost is $175.