This class will focus on mindset, awareness, gear and moving while shooting a handgun, as well as engaging multiple targets while working transitions from cover and concealment. You will work from tactical barricades and other forms of cover, as well as from stationary motor vehicles, from the ground and also from seated positions. You will conduct one/weak hand malfunction clearing drills while moving. This course is designed to provide real world fighting pistol scenarios and to develop your strategic mindset and situational awareness, as well as enhance your ability to respond to and engage threats. Expect moderate physical stress and timed scenarios.

Class will begin with a safety briefing as well as strategic fighting pistol mindset instruction. We will spend the remainder of the day on the range regardless of weather conditions. Please dress appropriately. Please bring carry weapon, retention holster, 200-250 rounds of ammunition, ear protection, lunch and drinks. Contact us directly to register. Class size is limited to 5. Cost is $175. Group discounts available.