This is a law enforcement only class.

This 2 day class will assist rural LE agencies who have smaller specialized training budgets, and their personnel, by providing low cost and high level training options. We also provide opportunities for full and partial scholarships, to elevate their readiness and functionality in rural areas.

Training will consist of the following topics:

Land Navigation
Camouflage and Concealment
Small Unit Movements/Tactics
Warning Orders
Operation Orders
Fragmentary Orders
Hand Signals
Light Discipline
Low Light/No Light Techniques
Night Operations
And more…….

The topics and tactics learned in this class can be applied to rural and urban narcotics investigations, woodland fugitive or escapee apprehension as well as benefit team members during rural Search and Rescue scenarios.

Cost is $250 per student. Full and partial scholarships are available to agencies who send personnel to allow for additional staff to attend.

Please come equipped for tactical woodland operations. Good footwear, lunch and a hydration pack or water bottle is recommended.

Please contact us directly to register.