Two levels:

Level 1 – 3 Days

Level 2 – 5 Days

This course is a high-tempo and intense program that builds teams and team leaders while providing students with a broad tactical skillset.

This is a full-immersion military and/or tactical LE unit style experience where you will eat, sleep, and train outside for five full days and four nights. We will help give you the skills needed as lawfully armed private citizens to protect your family, as well as provide LE agencies who wish to establish a tactical unit with a solid base of skills, or to also enhance an agency’s existing tactical units capabilities with advanced training.

The course begins with team building and leadership skills and then progresses through rifle marksmanship, small unit tactics, mantracking/countertracking, land navigation, combatives, LE street level defensive tactics, tactical casualty care, active shooter response, camouflage and concealment, rappelling, warning orders, operations orders, establishing a LP/OP, occupying an assembly area and many other skills.

The course ends with a 16 hour mission focused capstone exercise against a simulated opposing hostile and/or domestically unlawful force.

This is a physically demanding but very rewarding course that is highly recommended for corporate teams, homesteaders, preparedness enthusiasts, LE,and tactical firearms enthusiasts.

Students must be at least 18 years of age, have no criminal history, and be in suitable physical condition. Upon registration you will receive a required gear list and further information.

Cost is $500 per person for level 2. Group/Public Service/LE and corporate discounts available. 5 students required to conduct this course due to team based skills training activities.

There is also a level 1 three day/two night offering. $275 each