What is Tactical Tracking Training? Tactical Tracking techniques are those by which we as individuals can see and assess the objects and people in that environment, and as leaders, build situational awareness and aid us in developing a team oriented approach to fugitive apprehension, as well as conducting surveillance and reconnaissance. By employing these methods we seek to achieve a better understanding of the environment or possibly the threat allow us to make better tactical decisions when the time comes.

Tactical Tracking allows us to gather information by analyzing the forensic evidence (spoor) left by the contact made by humans on the natural environment. This information will allow us to develop a better intelligence picture in regards to fugitive behaviors, enemy size, activities, location, unit, time, equipment, and intent and much more.

Tactical Tracking Training Level I

This Tactical Tracking Training course is designed to instruct students on how to conduct operations safely as a tactical tracking team. Students will learn how to track and apply their tracking skills to aspects of law enforcement. This is a 24 hour course.

tactical tracking training

Tactical Tracking Training Level II

Building upon the foundation built during level one, this Tactical Tracking Training course requires a high level of tracking skills and familiarity with basic techniques of tracking to enable detection of the presence of hidden enemies, and ability to follow them, find and avoid booby-traps, and to give early warning of ambush. This is a 40 hour course.

tactical tracking training in TN

• Basic tracking techniques

• Tracking team formations and how to adjust the formations for different terrain

• Combat tracking techniques

• Immediate action drills

• Operations, planning and command & control during the track

Goals of Individual Skills

• Intelligence gathering while conducting tracking operations

• Tactical team patrol operations

• Point man techniques

• Tactical team patrol operations

• Point man techniques

• Interpreting aerial and ground spoor

• Lost track procedure and sign cutting techniques

• How to recognize common deception tactics

• Determining the age of sign/spoor

• Forensic analysis

• Route selection & Track pursuit

This class is available to military and law enforcement agencies upon request.

These courses are also available at your location and for your agency schedule. Please contact us for details

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