We provide the best Handgun Carry Permit class in the Jackson TN area! Contact us today to schedule your group or individual handgun carry class! Group rates also available. We can schedule these classes for your needs and schedule whether individual or group.

This is the state of Tennessee approved curriculum needed in order to obtain your Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit. Please go to https://dl.safety.tn.gov/_/ and follow the Handgun Permit links to submit your online application. Upon completion we will need your application number before the start of class. If you have any issues or questions feel free to contact us for assistance.

You will need ear protection,handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition to complete the firing range qualification. Eye protection is provided.

Testing consists of a 50 question exam and a range qualification as follows:

3 yards – 20 rounds

5 yards – 20 rounds

7 yards – 10 rounds

Must achieve 70% minimum score on the range and written exam.

CONTACT US to schedule your course as needed.


Concealed Carry Permit Classes at our school for individuals $25 and at ANY location $25 with a small group.