This course will examine and highlight the factual realities of population and road densities east of the Mississippi river and how becoming “Lost” is impossible, even without navigation aids and on large tracts of land in most of the country.


This class will assist ALL outdoors recreational participants, as well as public service/SAR personnel with the realities of self rescue and land navigation without man-made navigational tools or equipment as well as build confidence in woodland functionality/adventures.

After a morning safety briefing, course layout and primitive land navigation instruction, you will be driven around various backroads and forest trails wearing black-out sunglasses and silencing type shooting range ear protection for approximately one hour and then find yourself walked and placed into the middle of approximately 15k acres in an unknown location and at mid-day.

Your goal is to reach safety by 9pm that evening by heading in an opposite direction from insertion, using only natural methods, and a series of factual deductions of the natural environment, both day and night if needed.

If you cannot succeed and reach true safety, you will have the option to continue navigating at night or sheltering in place with NO GEAR and resuming travels the next morning. It will be YOUR choice. Instructors will accompany you the entire time and provide safety assistance and situational analysis and discussion while monitoring your progress. At the end of training we will conduct an after action report (AAR) and examine all relevant information to help educate and prepare you for future outings.

Good footwear and a water bottle/filter/hydration bladder is recommended. Dress for the weather and as if you were on a basic day outing.

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