This is a 3 day/2 night class set in typically the coldest/wettest time in our area. You will learn woodland survival methods that will keep you alive with almost NO gear.  An instructor will be on site 24/7 and completing the course along with you. You will shelter in primitive shelters that you build, procure water and fire from nature, scavenge and hunt for food and learn hunting and land navigation methods that are second to none. You will experience forced loss of finger dexterity and fine motor skills as well as have stressed and timed objectives. This course is recommended for those who have completed training elsewhere and wish to test themselves. This class will test your prior training schools teachings. This class does not allow for outside subsistence. There will be no cellphones, no trips to town, no outside contact whatsoever. This isn’t a camp. This isn’t a group primitive skills arts and crafts session. You will learn realities of modern subsistence living as well as resource density levels and the practicality of living with the land in this modern age. If you have no prior training you will be paired with an instructor for the duration of the course in order to bring you up to the formally trained individuals levels.

Contact us directly to register or with questions. Cost is $295.